Bartek Kaczmarek

Bartek Kaczmarek

Bartek Kaczmarek

Bartek Kaczmarek is one of the most exciting cinematographers working in Poland today. His impressive portfolio contains over 500 commercials, music videos, feature films and tv series. Bartek’s films have been awarded locally and internationally – Cannes Lion, KTR, Golden Drum and Effie to name but a few.

His latest feature film "25 Years of innocence" (TVN Discovery Group) was very well received both by critics and the audience. Bartek received noumerous awards including Golden Eagle and Polish Cinematographers Society Award.

His latest productions include the highly acclaimed thriller ‘Rojst'97’ and Asian 20th Century Fox blockbuster ‘Love in Space’ (dir. Tony Chain, Wing Shya). The last TV series production with cinematography of Bartek ‘Odwróceni. Ojcowie i córki’ (dir. Michał Gazda, Jan Holoubek, TVN) was nominated for the Eagle Award in the best TV series (2020). Bartek's last film, feature debut by Jan Holoubek, ‘25 lat niewinności. Historia Tomka Komendy’ was awarded with 5 statuettes at the Koszalin Debut Film Festival ‘Young and Cinema’ included Jantar 2020 prize for best cinematography.

He graduated from the Cinematography Department at Łódź Film School. He is a member of the Polish Society of Cinematographers - PSC. Bartek’s work has a strong photographic visual style and this in turn gives his work a striking emotional intensity. He is also passionate about music.

Bartek currently finished shooting of his upcoming feature film "Doppelgänger. Sobowtór" and "Great Water" - a TV series for Netflix (in post-production).


Agent: Aleksandra Sikora

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Aleksandra Sikora
+48 502 050 820