Jeremi Brodnicki

Jeremi Brodnicki

Jeremi Brodnicki

With hundreds of custom sets under his belt, Production Designer Jeremi Brodnicki excels at transforming ideas and words into colourful landscapes that delight the eye and stir the senses.

Nearly 20 years after start of his production design career Jeremi Brodnicki has successfully managed to balance his boundless visual creativity and love for design with a disciplined awareness of budgets, schedules and crew management. He’s got more than 300 commercial productions in his portfolio and works with the   top advertisement agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, DDB & tribal, PZL, Scholz & Friends. Throughout his career up to date he has had the opportunity to cooperate with acclaimed Polish and foreign directors and create amazing set designs.

When designing a 30-second TV commercial, he possesses the rare ability to work calmly and methodically through would-be problems while maintaining the vision and confidence necessary to see the finished product – long before it has been completed. It is this marriage of equanimity and imagination that allows him to adapt quickly under pressure and lead his crew of talented artisans through the obstacles inherent in any creative process.

Jeremi Brodnicki has received several major awards in Production design category, among others main Polish Commercial Award - KTR Award for productions for clients such as Żywiec Beer, Dębowe and PKO Bank Polski to name just a few.

He is a specialist of high value commercial projects shot with Polish as well as foreign directors. Most of his projects are visually remembered gems. He worked with Tomasz Bagiński on great series "Allegro - Legendy Polskie" and did set design for two episodes of this popular series. His spectacular set design for musical "Pilot" we could admired in Roma Theatre in Warsaw.

His latest film projects include feature film "(Nie)znajomi" directed by Tadeusz Śliwa and "A Girl and An Astronaut" - Netflix tv series directed by Bartek Prokopowicz.




Agent: Agnieszka Wieczorkowska

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Agnieszka Wieczorkowska
+48 502 200 113