Łukasz Zabłocki

Łukasz Zabłocki

Łukasz Zabłocki


Filmmaker, record collector and surfing enthusiast.

His commercial work varies from fast-cut vignette lifestyle films through staged actor directing and music video inspired, unconventional ads. He feels great surrounded by studio walls as well, working with beauty, miniature and diorama sets as well.

He pays great attention to production design and art direction. Music fondness led him to directing music videos, some of which were noticed on couple of festivals such as Fryderyki awards, Los Angeles Cinefest, Moscow Shorts, Oregon Cinema Artfilm Festival and Gold Winner Queen Palm.

His debut music video for Kamp! was awarded with VIMEO Staff Pick. Łukasz loves working with people, leading actors and the sound of celluloid rolling in the camera. In the past, extreme sports and animation ruled in his life, now skateboarding evolved to surfing and After Effects evolved to directing.

His commercial Answear was nominated to SHOTS EMEA Awards 2021 in category - use of music.




Agent: Ewelina Śmieszek

+48 509 055 942 | ewelina@pointofyou.com.pl





Ewelina Śmieszek
+48 509 055 942