Marianna Mikołajczak-Lisiecka

Marianna Mikołajczak-Lisiecka

Marianna Mikołajczak-Lisiecka

Marianna works in the art department as production designer, art director and set decorator.

She mainly works on TV series and feature films, but also on music videos. Her film credits include such productions as: „Other People” (dir. Aleksandra Terpinska), which become the multiple winner at Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, „Magnezja” (dir. Maciej Bochniak) with the award for Best Production Design (Marek Warszewski), TV series: „Cracow Monsters”, „Zawsze Warto”, „1983” to name a few. She took a part in the newest feature film by Krzysztof Zanussi "Liczba Doskonała" (film in production). As an independent production designer she debuted on the TV horror movie for German Netflix "Saalheim" (aka "Old People"), written and directed by Andy Fischer and with Florian Schneider and Benjamin Munz as producers.  Marianna finished work on the set of Mateusz Rakowicz new feature for Netflix - „Mother's Day”.

Marianna worked as production designer (along with Anna Marzęda) is the music video for the famous German industrial metal band - Rammstein.
Marianna graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Poznan University of Technology. Then, for many years, she worked in the best architectural offices in Warsaw. As a result, she has a strong architectural background, which is undoubtedly a great support when it comes to large-scale projects and decorations that have to be built from scratch.

Marianna finished working on Netflix tv series about Detective Forst, from noted Polish writer Remigiusz Mroz, which revolves around a crime-solving journey across the Polish Tatra Mountains. Netflix feature film "Mother's Day" directed by Mateusz Rakowicz with Marianna's production design had premiere in 2023 and gained positive critics' and viewers' reviews.



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