Michał Sabliński

Michał Sabliński

Michał Sabliński

Homo sapiens love stories.

I have mastered the most universal human language - film language - to tell stories for clients around the world.

After almost 400 films I can proudly say that I take only inspiring jobs. I have been privileged to work in a variety of styles, shooting clever low budgets and blockbuster ads and miraculously haven’t been pigeonholed yet.

I have shot more than 1000 shooting days in more than 40 countries. From -40 to plus 50 degrees Celsius. From Siberia to Sahara.

If awards aren't your your thing - good news! - I will not bore you with all those Cannes Lions, Golden Drums, Golden Apples, KTRs... There are too many awards in our business anyway.

Recently, I have found excitement in a longer form. Actually, I became a part-time writer, writing and developing several feature and TV series projects. I love how that sounds - I’m a writer. Certainly an ego booster.

So - if you have a story - do not hesitate to send it my way. 




Agent: Ewelina Śmieszek

+48 509 055 942 | ewelina@pointofyou.com.pl


Ewelina Śmieszek
+48 509 055 942