Paweł Jarzębski

Paweł Jarzębski

Paweł Jarzębski

Pawel graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology. As set designer he made his debut at the Wybrzeze Theatre in Gdansk, with which he was associated for next 5 years.

He was drawn to the world of movie by the adventure with the TV series ‘Time of Honor’. He worked as the second set designer on the largest productions of last years: ‘Jack Strong’, ‘Warsaw '44’, ‘Karbala’ or ‘Spoor’.

Pawel impresses with his diligence: in between 2017-2019 he made four movie productions as an independent set designer, including two historical movies and two TV series. In 2019 he and Zbigniew Dylewski were awarded with the Golden Eagle statuette by  Polish Film Academy for the set design to film ‘Kamerdyner’ directed by Filip Bajon.

Pawel is extremely charismatic person and there is nothing impossible for him. His optimism affects everybody on set.




Agent: Aleksandra Sikora

M: +48 502 050 820 |

Aleksandra Sikora
+48 502 050 820