Tadeusz Śliwa

Tadeusz Śliwa

Tadeusz Śliwa

Saying that nothing is impossible for Tadek is not just empty turn of phrase, but the most often opinion expressed by people who have had pleasure of working with him.

Whatever it is a 5-minute mastershot recorded with a band performing live or a hundredth commercial made in the same formula, but which still surprises with its uniqueness, Tadek is always ready for a challenge.

No wonder he is the most sought after commercial director. His resourcefulness and creativity is appreciated by both agencies and clients. A graduate of University of Silesia where he did courses both of directing and film production, Tadek is well versed in all aspects of production, which is a great asset to production houses.

His skills an easiness with which he builds rapport with people help him retain a strong and loyal base of clients and crew members. Nice, relaxed atmosphere created by him on the set translates into maximum engagement of the whole crew and a spectacular result of the screen.

Up-to-date with the latest technology Tadek is always eager to incorporate new solutions into his work. Having said that, he is not into cheap gimmickry, but each application of technology is done by him on purpose and makes sense for desired effect.

His highly visual spots are a consequence of close relationship he forms with DOPs and set designers on the set.

Tadek can bring out the best from both professional actors and amateurs. His commercials have probably featured every Polish celebrity.

Tadek credits include a whole gamut of music video (Męskie Granie, Tede, Coma, O.S.T.R., Virgin) and commercial genres. He has worked for such well-known brands as: PLAY, Mazda, Ikea, Credits Agricole, Polbank Raiffeisen Bank, Warka, Enea, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Real, Media Markt, BGŻ.

In 2018, Tadek completed his first feature film, theater play and made the first in Poland multichannel live advertisement.
In 2019, he received many awards for his work, including Fryderyk and the KTR award for the music video for Męskie Granie 2018.




Agent: Aleksandra Sikora

M: +48 502 050 820 | aleksandra@pointofyou.com.pl





Aleksandra Sikora
+48 502 050 820