Aleksandra Muszyńska

Aleksandra Muszyńska

Aleksandra Muszyńska

Aleksandra studied Film Set Design in Fine Art Academy in Warsaw.
She pays great attention to the preparation of the projects in every detail . In creation process she loves to work with director and cinematographer to create something unique.

Recently she has worked on many international commercial productions, cooperating with such directors as: Kai Kurve, Vincent Lobelle, Jack Cole, Yvan Fabbing, Daniel Kaufman, Clan Duo and Martin Kalina. She gained her experience working on sets of commercial as a II set designer collaborating with production designers such as: Gael Leroux, Ben Ansell, Renaud Deschamp or Pepijn van Looy.

She created set design for the brands: BMW, Chandon, META, KFC, Lech, Bayer, Żywiec, Darty, Virgin Mobile, McDonald’s, Maspex to name a few.

She works both on commercial and artistic projects, has popular music videos in her portfolio – ‘Compliance’ by Muse (set design) - nominated to Berlin Commercial Festival Award,‘The Fib’ by Rysy band (set design and costumes), ‘Feed Fire’ by Eskmo (set design and costumes), Ultraviolet Urbanski feat. Justyna Swiec (set design), .

In 2019 during Polish Film Festival in Gdynia short movie has it’s premiere „ Home sweet home” directed by Agata Puszcz where Ola was responsible for set design.
In 2023 series “A girl and an astronaut ”had it’s premiere on Netflix with Ola’s set decoration and her work as second production designer.



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