Grzegorz Piątkowski

Grzegorz Piątkowski

Grzegorz Piątkowski

Grzegorz is a member of the Polish Film Academy. He has gained his 40 years of professional experience while working alongside outstanding production designers including: Allan Starski, Luciana Arrighi, Rick Carter and Ezio Frigerio.

He has worked together with the world-famous film directors such as: Steven Spielberg (‘Schindler's List’), Andrzej Wajda (‘Korczak’, ‘Ring with an Eagle in the Crown’, ‚The Holy Week’, ‘Pan Tadeusz’), Volker Schlöndorff (‘The Ogre’), Jerzy Kawalerowicz (‘Quo Vadis’) and Peter Kassovitz (‘Jakob the Liar’).

Grzegorz’s production design work has been recognised on numerous occasions e.g.: at the Hof International Film Festival for ‘Feuerreiter’ (dir. Nina Grosse) and at the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for ‘Mr. Jones’ (dir. Agnieszka Holland). On top of that, for ‘Miasto 44’ (dir. Jan Komasa) he was awarded the Polish Film Award, whereas ‘Golgota Wrocławska’ (dir. Jan Komasa) received the Grand Prix at the 9th "Dwa Teatry" Festival in Sopot.

He has also designed scenography for TV ads for clients like: Coca Cola, Argos, Maison du Monde, Zovirax, Allegro to name just a few.

He has been involved in the production of TV series: ‘Król' (dir. Jan P. Matuszynski), ‘Westwall’ (dir. Isabel Prahl), ‘Barbarians’ season II (dir. Stefan Ruzowitzky and Lennart Ruff), ‘The German House’ (dir. Isabel Prahl and Randa Chahoud) as well as the film ‘Perfect Addiction’ (dir. Castille Landon).

In his free time he likes to photograph, cook and ride a bike in nature.


Agent: Aleksandra Sikora

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Aleksandra Sikora
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