Katka Michalak​

Katka Michalak​

Katka Michalak​


Katka Michalak is a director and screenwriter. Graduated from Direction Department in  Escuela Internacional de

Cine y Television in Cuba, Wajda’s Film School and Journalism Department in Warsaw University,

She specializes in lifestyle ad films, commercials with children, fashion films and music videos. She worked for clients such as: KFC, Żywiec Zdrój, Renault, Orange, T-Mobile, Samsung, Dilmah, Coca-Cola, Danone, Procter & Gamble, Gerlach.

Her short feature film 'Dance Clases' was screened and awarded at festivals in Poland, Argentina, USA, Spain and Russia.

Katka's main inspiration is travelling especially in South America, but also the French new wave cinema, Woody Allen and Novos Baianos sounds.

'In my films I focus mainly on real emotions, not forgetting about the visual aspect of each project. Casting is the most important part for me, choosing characters full of charisma, naturalness and spontaneity, and cooperation with the cinematographer. I want each shot, frame to encourage to watch, get viewer into the story and be surprised. On the set what counts for me is mutual respect for each crew member and the awareness that film is primarily a collective work.'


Agent: Maria Zarzycka

M: +48 508 833 254 | maria@pointofyou.com.pl


Maria Zarzycka
+48 508 833 254