Mateusz Witkowski

Mateusz Witkowski

Mateusz Witkowski

My roots are in design territories, and that shaped my visual sensitivity. Working in multiple creative fields, from sculpture, through animation to UX design, expanded my imaginative dictionary. 

Directing gives me space to combine those experiences, together with musical obsessions and storytelling ambitions. Design thinking and seeking for innovations is my input to the commercial work. I’m always super interested in the musical and rhythmic aspects of the film. I love to edit and often do it on my own. 

I had the pleasure to work around the world, from Barcelona to Hanoi with appreciation from clients like Knorr, Nestle, Pepsi or Coca-Cola. My visual approach and experience had been a perfect combination for tabletop commercials, yet I'm constantly broadening the field of my work with narrative, documentary, and human-centered stories. 

Respect for the process. Love for the team. Hunger for the next.





Agent: Ewelina Śmieszek

+48 509 055 942 |

Ewelina Śmieszek
+48 509 055 942