Mirosław Koncewicz

Mirosław Koncewicz

Mirosław Koncewicz

Miroslaw "Mietek" Koncewicz was born in 1976 in Tyczyn, Subcarpathia. He is permanently affiliated with Krakow, where he graduated from the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts in 2002, with a diploma "Reflection" from the Department of Sculpture in the atelier of Prof. Józef Sękowski. Being a first-year student, he began his scenographic adventure, which continues to this day. He specializes in film set design, but is no stranger to theater, television and advertising. When developing visual concepts for his stage design projects, he always tries to draw on his experience from other fields of art.

He has worked with such directors as Jan P. Matuszyński, Jerzy Hoffmann, Marcin Kryształowicz or Kinga Dębska. He is the production designer for both seasons of Netflix's "Sexify" series, the film nominated for an Oscar as best foreign language film "EO" directed by Jerzy Skolimowski.

In addition to production design, he works in sculpture, painting, interior design and organizing art events. In 2006, he received a Creative Scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The subject of his scholarship work was a travesty of Diego Velazquez's "Infanta" paintings. Since 2022, he has been running his own art gallery in Krakow's Kazimierz district.

His latest projects are: production design to Netflix tv series "1670" directed by Maciej Buchwald and Konrad Kądziela, which quickly became the top rated tv series in Poland and feature film  "Nieobliczalna"  directed by Piotr Trzaskalski which is planned to premiere in May 2024 on Prime Video.



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